Lavender & Lemongrass💜🍋 Scented Color Free Hemp Body Oil🌿💧

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NEW! Lavender & Lemongrass💜🍋 Scented Color Free Hemp Body Oil🌿💧

Basically a oil based perfume that will leave you smelling AMAZING while leaving you moisturized AF!🤤💧 Just a few drops on your neck, wrists, and chest will leave you smelling good all day!😍

Made with Light Weight, NON COMEDOGENIC Oils meaning it will NOT clog your pores or cause body acne!🤩💧
Deeply Moisturize your skin with Organic Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil🌿, Organic Jojoba Oil💧 & Organic Grape Seed Oil!🍇

The most relaxing scent ever🤤
Not only do these two essential oils smell AMAZING together but they also have many aromatherapy benefits!😍💜🍋

Lavender essential oil is known to have a sedative relaxing effect on your mind and body, it is also believed to help treat anxiety, depression, and even insomnia.😴

Lemongrass essential oil pairs amazing with lavender because it is also known to destress your mind and body, & can relieve anxiety and depression.☮️

100% Plant Based Ingredients🌱 Color FREE & Fragrance Oil FREE, Naturally Scented with Essential Oils!🤩 If you have sensitive skin, THIS IS FOR YOU!😍

This multi purpose oil is perfect to moisturize private areas after shaving and waxing to prevent ingrown hairs!🤩

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Lavender & Lemongrass Essential Oils.
{Essential Oils are NOT EDIBLE, DO NOT INGEST!}