Plastic Free Glitter Scented Body Oils✨💧

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Plastic Free Glitter Scented Body Oils✨💧

All Glitter No Color!🤩 Loaded with biodegradable Pastic FREE Glitter✨ NO Micas or Pigments! Perfect for ANY & EVERY skin tone, will not leave a color on your skin just a whole lotta SPARKLES!🤩

Made with 100% Non Comedogenic Organic Oils (meaning it will NOT clog your pores or cause acne)🌞

Moisturize your skin with Organic Avocado Oil🥑 & Grape Seed Oil!🍇💧💧💧

Available in 3 mouth watering scents🤤😍:

Spiced Vanilla Chai☕️🧁 Black tea brewed in creamy milk and spices scented with base notes of sweet vanilla!

Caramel Latte☕️✨ Rich espresso coffee scented with gooey caramel!

Peppermint Mocha🍫🌿 Milk chocolate scented with notes of fresh peppermint! Made with real peppermint essential oil!🌬️

💗Safe for Sensitive Skin💗
Made with Food Grade “Flavoring” (Scented Oils) rather than Harsh & Chemical Filled Fragrance Oils

Ingredients: Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Soybean Oil Based Flavoring Oils, Plastic Free Glitter, Peppermint Essential Oil (only in Peppermint Mocha).