Stoner Gloss Keychains

$13.00 On Sale

Stoner Gloss Keychains are BACK!😍🤤🌿
Our Entire Stoner Gloss Collection is loaded with Organic Canadian Sativa Hemp Seed Oil for ultimate highdration.🌿💧 All are loaded with Eco Friendly (plastic free) glitter & they are all uniquely flavored/ scented just like their names!🤤
Available in:
Banana OG & Cotton Candy Kush🍌💖Strawberry Cough & Girl Scout Cookies🍓🍪
Gran Daddy Purp & Blue Dream🍇💙
Gloss on the GO!✨
Do you ever misplace or forget to bring a lip gloss❓
Then you need a lip gloss keychain💋
This solution is convenient and cute AF💕
Hook to your car keys, wallet, purse, backpack, & more!🛍
NEVER lose or forget your gloss again❣️
The color keychain you get will be random, & every key chain will come with TWO stoner glosses of your choice!🥰