Strawberry Watermelon🍓🍉 Flavored Lip Oil


NEW! Strawberry Watermelon🍓🍉 Flavored Lip Oil😍

Yummy Strawberry & Watermelon flavored🤤🍓🍉 Pink Tinted💗 with White Plastic Free Glitter that COLOR SHIFTS to Pink!✨💖

Moisturize your lips with NON Comedogenic Organic Oils, Grape Seed Oil & Sunflower Oil!🍇💧🌻

Has cute little strawberry slice decals for aesthetics!😍🍓 They also act as mixing beads to quickly mix in the plastic free glitter!🤩✨

This lip oil will leave a slight pink tint and shimmer on your lips!💖

Comes in a large 10ML glass roller ball tube for a easy mess free application! It feels AMAZING on your lips and will completely soak into your lips only a few minutes after application, leaving you with soft kissable lips!🤤

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oil Based Pink Liquid Pigment, Soybean Oil Based Strawberry & Watermelon Flavoring Oils, Plastic Free Glitter.